Miller County Health Center
2125 Hwy 52
Tuscumbia, MO 65082
Public Health: Better Health. Better Miller County
The Miller County Health Center has been serving the community of Miller County since 1918. A lot has changed in recent years. In August 2000, the Miller County Health Department passed a local tax that made the health department now a health center. A small change in our name but a big change in how the health center operates. We continue to seek State, Federal and Competitive funding to assist in the monies generated through the local tax to provide services for the residents of our county.

The local tax that was passed in 2000 helped ensure the health center did not lose services to the community and paved the way for a stronger health center. In February 2006, the present Miller County Health Center at 2125 Hwy 52,  Tuscumbia, MO was completed.
There have been program changes throughout the years, but our priority has always been and continues to be providing public health services at a local level to all citizens of Miller County.

Meet the Team


Assistant Administrator

WIC Coordinator/ Nutritionist

Mike Herbert
Misty Duncan​
Derek Nelson


Breastfeeding Peer Counselor 

WIC Clerk

Sherry Jonston
Stephanie Bird
Tierney Earp


Nursing Coordinator RN

Women's Health LPN

Stephanie Wall
Ashleigh Alexander
Jenna Voss

Health Educator

WIC Receptionist

Medical Receptionist

Bonnie Kempker
Stephanie Graves
Shelly Turnbough

Billing Specialist

Environmental Health Specialist

Nurse Practitioner

Pam Brumley
Heather Hynes
Crystal Folks

Board of Trustees
William Washburn
Scott Griswold
Jackie Luetkemeyer
Vice Chairman
Deb Wood
Vicki Baucom