Our ServicesChildren with Special Health Care Needs:Mille rCounty Health Center manages the state contract for Family Partnership. Three Family Partners are employed to assist families of children with special healthcare needs in finding resources, child advocacy and support. Our Family Partners and their contract information are:Bev(St. Louis Area)Phone: (573)-565-2089Kelly(Springfield Area) Phone: (417)-833-2349Stacie(Kansas City Area)Phone: (816)-918-8800Mamie(Southeast Missouri)Phone: (573)-888-7369The three family partners cover the entire state of Missouri. For further information, feel free to contact our office Coordinator at 573-369-2359 or (toll free) 1-866-809-2400, ext. 308. Family Partner Website:www.dhss.mo.gov/FamilyPartnership/Immunizations:Miller County Health Center serves hundreds of children and adults each year. In addition, we go into the area schools and attend kindergarten round-ups. In the fall, MCHC holds numerous flu shot clinics in locations throughout the county. Prevention Programs:Schools and community-based programs areprovided to youth and adults through alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention activities. Information about healthy lifestyle choices is distributed through community network meetings, local news publication and media broadcasts. Additionally, Teens Against Tobacco Use training for teen presentations and advocacy. WIC:WIC is a nutrition education, healthpromotion and supplemental food program meant to assist women, infants and children (under 5 years of age) who have nutritional needs. Health care referrals, breastfeeding education and support, nutritious foods, and nutrition education are just a few of the services we are able to provide through the WIC program. Contact the WIC clerk for more information at ext. 315 or 316 or the Missouri WIC program Website: www.dhss.mo.gov/wicBreastfeeding PeerCounseling:Breastfeeding Peer Counseling program provides encouragement, education and support 24 hours a day to WIC mothers who are Breastfeeding their newborn. Contact the WIC Clerk for more information atext. 315 or 316 or the Missouri WIC program.Women’s Health Clinic:Reproductive health care and annual well women’s examinations are provided for women offering annual physical examination and pap smears as well as sexually transmitted disease and HIV testing as contraceptive counseling, birth control options. Miller County Health Center also offers treatment and counseling. Speak with the Women’s Health Nurse or contact the CDC for more information at www.cdc.gov.Environmental Public Health:Food and Lodging Inspections, Licensed Day Care Inspections, Head Start Health and Safety Inspections, Water Testing Kits Available, Sewage Complaints and Concerns, Bio-terrorism and Pandemic Influenza Emergency Planning.Women’s Health:Annual Well Woman Physicals and Pap Smears, Show Me Healthy Women Paps and Mammograms (free for women who qualify),Pregnancy Testing, Childbirth Classes, WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Services,Cervical Cancer Vaccine is now available.Community Health:Health Education Community Programs,Head Lice Checks, Food Safety Classes, Lead Screening and Testing, BloodPressure Clinics, Day Care Nurse Consultation (child safety/health programs),Childhood Vaccinations, TB Testing and Treatment, Communicable Disease Investigation, Hepatitis A Program for Food Handlers, Lab Work with Physician’s Order, Prescription Assistance Program, Free Medication Program, Dental, Eye and Shoe Program, CPR Class Training, Community Networking/CoalitionParticipation.Infant Safety Program:Providing a free portable crib to low income families while providing one on one training on Sudden Infant DeathSyndrome (SIDS), Shaken Baby Syndrome and safe infant sleeping education. A 90-day follow-up visit is also conducted.Specialized Services:MC Application Acceptance Agency,Temporary MoHealthNet Card Issuance for Pregnant Woman Who Qualify, Birth and Death Certificates and Voter Registration.